1: An Ebon Snow

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1: An Ebon Snow

Post  Kithrater on Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:45 pm

Upon a particularly ferocious night, the commonfolk of the
Outpost and the scores of travelers crowded in to the drinking
hall to avoid the lashing wind and freezing snow. To better ward
off the cold, Briggs Huleson served crisp applejack, and began
the telling of tales.

Many a ribald word was spoken that night, stories of love
unrequieted between a boy and an elf, of a sorry dwarf without a
beard by Urfen, and the even more sorry tale of a man with a
lacking 'branch' by a quiet Brethil-man named Maicheneb. Even
the rousing Song of the Hule-folk was sang...

But in the midst of the revelry, dark tidings fell upon the
Outpost. A murder of crows, from origins unknown, suddenly fell
upon those in the greeting hall, swooping and pecking. As seats
were overturned and ale spilt, a dozen or so men pushed outside
in to the night.

It was there that a flock of giant birds fell upon them, and the
warrior elf Farogian, tall and scar-cheeked, descended upon the
birds in turn, leaving a field of blood and feathers. Urfen,
Garsund, Yuramir, Inurian, Breurn, Maicheneb all were there,
putting an end to the murder.

After the battle, a strange amulet was found, shaped like a
roaring dragon with eyes of red rubies. After much decision, it
was smashed, the pieces sent in to the lake that surrounds the


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