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Post  Kithrater on Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:11 pm

The year is 450 by Elf reckoning, and our land is Ladros, named by decree of dead Boromir. For forty years our people, the Beor, have lived on this plain of dew nestled between the valleys and vales of tall pines and dark nights. The ground frosts over early in the year, and even during the height of summer the sun is weak. Weaker still, from the dark plumes that belch forth from the north and the shadowy prison named Angband.

For many generations now, our people have served the Elf Lords and were granted this land in return, just as now they teach us how to work metal and spin flax in return for lumber and sheep. Our leader Bregor lies ill, and the wise men scry that great turmoil will greet the world once he leaves. The Elf Lords Angrod and Aegnor call for more of the Beor to fight the darkness of the night, and the shining formations of elvish swordsmen march without pause. The days grow shorter, the nights darker, and the coldness creeps closer.

The fertile plain of Ladros sleeps uneasily. Wolfsong wakens children, and hunters go missing in the tall forests. Those that venture north speak of skies filled with strange, menacing birds, or of shrieking spirits trapped to the remains of battles fought before our people came to these lands. Everywhere, our men sharpen their spearheads and fletch their arrows. Bregolas, son of Bregor, hoards grain for the coming winter and warriors for the coming war.


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