2: The Storm

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2: The Storm

Post  Kithrater on Sun Sep 14, 2008 10:09 pm

The Folk of Beor are experienced in the harsh winters of Dorthonion, and the House of Hule is no exception. Yet the savage storm that ripped through Hule's Outpost this winter's morning was unique in the memory of all men. It began with an eerie silence, the wind dying completely, but only long enough to lull the folk of the Outpost in to a false complacency. Tonnes of snow pounded down upon the thatched roofs of the bailey and hammered the hilltop fort, collapsing the roof of the Great Hall and casting those in it into darkness and terror.

The unyielding spirit of Man was not broken. Acting quickly, the Folk of the Outpost took to organising the repair of the inn, and searching for survivors. Raghnall, assisted by Urfen, Elgadon and Garsund, ventured out in to the cold to look for any injured or disorientated by the storm. Meanwhile, the Haladin Kenir and Marachian Clegane excelled in their efforts to drag in frozen lumber from outside the Inn and help repair the roof, whilst the Brethil-folk Iava and Aerdren tending to the injured, cleared snow and restored the roaring hearths. Raghnall, Urfen, Elgadon and Garsund rescued three people from the snow, but sadly reported the death of two other guests to the Outpost, an adventurer and merchant. One was blown to their death along the narrow trail to the Inn, the other crushed under a fall of snow.

With the sun at its peak, or where one might guess with the sky still being obscured by the snow, the guests and family of Hules might have hoped for some respite, whilst an elderly Marachian named Yuramir tended to those afflicted by the storm. Yet, once again the men of Hule were called out when strange wolf howls were heard from within the Bailey. Eight descended down in to the Bailey, and were confronted by a titantic wolf that stood taller the thatched cottages of the Outpost. Brave their hearts were and led by Urfen Huleson, they fell within the beast's trap, a solid wall of wolves surrounding the men.

Rettlen, as the tremendous wolf named itself, watched with savage glee as it prepared to attack. Yet, the elf Farogian emerged from the shadows, challenging the beast, which answered by tackling the elf down the path. The rest of the wolves milled about in a confused state, and the Eight, led by Urfen, descended upon them. The battle was fierce, with Urfen and Yuramir grievously injured. Garsund, Clegane and Valan struck down many wolves, and Maicheneb's arrows flew too close to comfort for many of the men. With all the wolfs dead, the men rushed south to find Farogian standing over the inert from of Rettlen the Wolf, both bloodied and barely alive. As Farogian struggled to deliver the final blow, a young Beorian named Elgadon leapt. Yet, Rettlenís feign of injury served its purpose, and the beast rose to meet Elgadon, tearing a vicious blow across his chest. Farogian pushed Elgadon to the ground, and suffered a severe injury to his face. Rettlen turned and fled, Kenir snatching up Farogianís sword and pursuing the wolf before it leapt clean over the palisade walls, disappearing in to the snow again.

Meanwhile, back at the tavern, foul forces arose. A shadowy being appeared, and began screeching and screaming for something to be returned to it. Of seemingly limited intelligence, the creature repeated its claims, whilst Iava, Aerdren and Selgar attempted to reason with it, or at least determine what it wanted. Iava summoned forth the elf Cellewen, who produced an ancient brass box, and with the aid of Selgar and Yuramir, drained the specter in the box with an awful, ear-splitting whine.

With the danger defeated, and the elves offering no explanation for the cause or ramifications of the dayís madness, the Folk of Hule returned to repairing the inn, tending the wounded, and burying the two unfortunate Guests who died this day.


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