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The Olwanyare Empty The Olwanyare

Post  Bard on Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:45 pm

Translated from Quenya: The Tale of the Branch.

Six score years ago, or perhaps longer as tales are muddled with age, when the Noldo Finrod first came upon the Folk of Beor, he offered unto them a branch of fine mallorn, harvested from the forests of Doriath. The branch was called the Olwanyare in the High Tongue, or Pennas-i-Golf in Sindarin, and Finrod instructed that whoever held the branch would have the ears of all nearby in telling a tale - whether it be history, child's tale, or memoir.

There is no recollection of the stories that were told unto Finrod, but the custom still remains - to this day, men of Beor will often journey to the forests of Doriath in search of a mallorn with which to fashion their own Olwanyare, and it is a mark of honor for those Houses that keep them within their lodge.

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