Dwarfshead Rock and Pride's Fall

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Dwarfshead Rock and Pride's Fall

Post  Bard on Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:07 am

A trail in the mountains leads up to wide stone landing that is directly beneath a large section of rock that has been expertly cut in the likeness of the head of a bearded dwarf. The sculpture is immense, many times that of life-size. The mountainside has been cut back to give the dwarf’s head a mane of hair under a thick iron helm, and its beard is lost into the rock of the landing beneath. The dwarf’s nose is large and bulbous enough that it casts a shadow over a portion of the landing, and its nostrils form two deep caves.

Some years ago, ere the setting of our Great Tale, there lived once an aged Dwarf of the Broadbeam clan named Maggrig, who did fancy himself a stonemason of notable skill. He, however, was not worthy of the acclaim that others like Telchar earned, though to tell him so would veritably incur his wrath and lead to one’s own brutal demise. Needless to say, if his skill could not rival the great Telchar’s, his pride could block out the sun.

His ego, bloated though it was, was not the only thing for which Maggrig was known – he too was blessed and cursed with a nose of such proportions it was said it also could block out the sun. The aged Dwarf did take great pride in his nose – or so he claimed. It is more true to say that he felt greatly shamed by it and boasted only of its size to mask his true feelings. Nonetheless, his “reputation” went before him (by several inches in fact), shortly followed by the rest of his face and beard.

Maggrig resented the lack of acclaim he seemed to suffer for his smithwork and grew increasingly insistent that he be afforded the honor he was due – in the form of a great statue in the middle of the Broadbeam clan Halls. He was denied. He was denied many, many times. In frustration and indignation, the Dwarven stonemason climbed to the top of a steep mountain trail, near a treacherous cliffedge. There he began carving his greatest masterpiece into the solid rock.

Into the mountainside Maggrig carved his own likeness – his head, beard and nose, all true to their proportions. It was truly a great work, and his nose was indeed large enough that any who wished to could take shelter from the weather beneath (or inside) it. Alas, Maggrig’s pride cost him dearly, for it was just after his work’s completion that he stepped back to admire his handiwork. He stepped back, and back and—fell. He plummeted off the cliff-face and to his death many feet below.

Thus did the mountainside become known as “Dwarf’s Head Rock”, and the cliff as “Pride’s Fall” and even “Mason’s Folly”. In the years hence, it has grown into a place of interest, shelter and much amusement among the Free Kindreds, and little more.

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