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Post  Kithrater on Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:40 am

Hello everyone,

Despite my best attempts, it seems as if the MUD is almost ready to open for Beta. I know this will disappointment many of you, who were counting on an abyssal failure, but take heart - no doubt the staff and I will systematically sabotage the game once it is fully open and ready for business.

While we wait for this to happen, as of the 1st of September, you are invited to connect to the MUD and create an account, and then submit an application for a character, and then hang out in the guest lounge pestering people.

The exact period of time from when the MUD will be open will depend on how long I believe I can disappear from normal life without my friends and family calling the police and reporting myself as a missing person. I estimate this to be between one and two weeks.

For those interested in creating an application in that time, here is what options and guidelines are available to you:

0) Remember, this is a Beta. The MUD is not yet finished. It will not be finished in two weeks. It probably won't even be that awesome in two weeks. Instead, how the staff intends to operate is see how much interest and enthusiasm we generate, and continue to build, improve, and expand based upon that.

There are going to be bugs, things incomplete, mistakes, typos, and more. Some MUDs have opened for beta with nothing but a single street open to play. Others have opened with a dozen mobiles, ten objects, and a thousand rooms half of which aren't described.

Betas aren't pretty, and so we ask you to keep your expectations low, but your hopes for the future of the MUD high.

1) Much of the documentation for the MUD is yet to be complete, but a basic understanding of the MUD can be gained by reviewing the character generation process, reviewing the Quick 40 help file for basic facts and information, browsing the forums, and visiting and to research information about the setting yourself.

At this moment, it is the opinion of the staff that the character generation process and the Quick 40 help file will provided all the basics you need to know to create your first character.

2) Roles available for your first character include the professions described in character generation, which are a warrior, hunter, trader, sage or outcast. However, two more roles are also available: a member of the House of Hule, the family responsible for the management of Hule's Outpost, and a member of the Fyrd, a militia established by the House of Beor to patrol Dorthonion and keep it free of bandits and other such scum. Click on the respective links to learn more about each role opportunity, and how to apply for them.

House of Hule
The Fyrd

3) For those of you who wish to contribute to the MUD, here's what you can do to help us in various different ways:

a) As of this moment, we are accepting applications for builders, coders, webmasters, and general-purpose admins. We expect you to be able to contribute a minimum of ten to fifteen hours a week of unpaid time to the MUD, and abide by the rules and regulations for staff.

Those parties interested in becoming builders or general purpose admins are invited to send an email to with a dozen sample descriptions, each of at least six 80 character lines in length, and a proposal for an area, idea, project or contribution you would like to make to the game. If accepted, you will be given a two-month probation period, after which you will be accepted as complete staff if you complete your duties adequately, or declined if you did not.

Coders require a working knowledge of either C or the Shadows of Isildur RPI Engine, with the latter preferred. Send an email to, outlining any experience you have had, and areas of the RPI Engine you would like to improve. Webmasters, experience with mysql, php, JavaScript and html are required, and again, please send an email to

b) For those who want to help out, but not as staff, you're encouraged to hang out in the guest lounge, spread word to friends, make suggestions upon the forums and discuss things, look for bugs and typos and other problems, and try to keep the admins from going insane.

In particular, people willing to write up help files and contribute short stories or fiction set in the period are especially helpful, and such things should be sent to


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