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Post  Kithrater on Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:37 am

When the House of Beor first arrived in Dorthonion some forty years ago, the land was wild and untouched. Despite the frequent travels of merchants, adventurers and miners through the valleys and forests, and the establishment of Huleís Outpost and the great fortresses of Aegnor and Angrod, many hidden groves and concealed valleys escaped the notice of them. Yet, when the fiefdom of Ladros was granted to the descendants of Old Beor, and the people began their wok tilling the hard soil and spreading their sheep, from all the hidden places of Dorthonion struck bandits, orcs and more, harassing the poor settlers and depriving the hamlets of peace.

Under direction of Boromir son of Boron, the Fyrd were formed, a loose militia of reckless men who began skulking through the shadowed forests and treacherous mountain paths, putting an end to any evil they found. Armed with little more than their wits, spear and shield, more than any other it was these men who tamed the lands surrounding Ladros and making it safe for the Folk of Beor.

Victory, however, is never final. More and more agents of Morgoth slip through the fence of the Elves, orcs coming in ones and twos to hide away in Dorthonion. Preying at first on lone travelers before harassing caravans and then threatening hamlets, the Fyrd eventually find these orcs and kill them. The hearts of some men grow cold and are instead replaced by a terrible thirst for blood and flesh, and these despicable individuals band together in the wilderness. They, too, trouble the good folk of the land before meeting their death at the Fyrdís hands. The battle against the enemy is eternal, but as the original men of the Fyrd have aged and passed over the last forty years, so have new men stepped up to the challenge of keeping Dorthonion safe for the House of Beor.

To join the Fyrd, one must pledge their complete loyalty to the House of Beor, and vow to work without end to keep the land of Dorthonion safe from orcs, bandits, and the evil of Morgoth. The militia is organized in to loose districts, each responsible for keeping the peace in certain areas of Dorthonion. One such group is based in Huleís Outpost, and consists of two dozen members, though most are often out scouring the wilderness.

You are invited to create your character as being a member of the Fyrd. Duties involve patrolling the lands for orcs and bandits, enforcing a rough frontier justice in the lands, furthering the interests of the House of Beor and the Fyrd, and ensuring that the Fyrdís cellars are well stocked and its armoury properly provisioned. Simply craft your characterís background, making explicit mention that you are a member of the Fyrd, or send an email to for more information or advice.


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Post  Ziu on Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:40 pm

The Fyrd

Made up of hunters and rangers of the Beorian people, the Fyrd have been entrusted to protect denizens of the outposts across Dorthonionís rough and dangerous terrain against the wildlife and the far-scouting foes of Angband. It is not infrequent that they are called upon by merchants and villagers for protection in the wilds outside Ladros and Huleís Outpost especially for they are masters of their domain.

The Fyrd at Huleís Outpost have always maintained a good relationship with the community. They are a section of the main Fyrd gathering at Ladros where Fyrdchiefs and senior Fyrdmen meet every fortnight to discuss the goings on of Dorthonionís wild and issues brought to them by Elvish envoys.

The structure of the Fyrd may vary largely depending on the personal dynamics and achievements of the members within. Many, if not all, Fyrd members have had extensive experience in the wilds of Dorthonion either hunting or scouting for their home villages, rendering them all good at what they do. Below the Fyrdchief of each group there may be one or more superior who trains and directs the bulk of the other Fyrdmen. And, of course, there are the newbloods who tend to be in their late teens or early twenties - those who have been urged by their families, or have taken it upon themselves to serve their local community in these ever changing times.

New Fyrdmen are expected to outfit themselves before joining, though the furs and tanned hides of animals hunted in the while may contribute to a small supply of armour. The older hunters and scouts have in time come by their own gear which they cherish and look after as if it were their child. In many cases among veterans trinkets are come by through skirmishes in the wild which are worn or kept safe with a quiet pride.

The Fyrdchief of Huleís Outpost is an aging man called Vrathys, originating from the settlement of Brangochen where he acted as one of the Chief of Dorthonionís senior members in local government. He has seen many grisly battles in the wild and has extensive experience with the foes of Angband.

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