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Role Opportunity: The House of Hule Empty Role Opportunity: The House of Hule

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House of Hule

When Beor the Old, the namesake for the House of Beor, first met the elves and agreed to pledge his followers in to service to the Noldo in the Year 310, not all men welcomed this decision. Some balked at the condition of loyalty to elvenkind that required them to renounce their old gods, worshiping only the Valar. Others, having spent a generation wandering, had no desire to have fled their birth lands to be vassals in a new land. Already inured to the rigors of a nomadic life, several families of Beorians departed, spreading out across Dorthonion.

One such family was led by a Beorian named Hule. Prouder than any other man of his time, Hule refused to be a servant to any, and led his family and folk north, eventually settling in Dorthonion. Alone in the cold wilderness, the hardy Beorians set to making themselves a crude fort from where they could farm and tend their herds, their own masters.

Alas, such a dream was ended when Angrod, the Elvish Lord of Dorthonion, uncovered these human refugees building settlements on his land. At first inclined to forcibly transport the Hule-folk back to the House of Beor proper, Hule and his people won Angrod's favour when they assist the elves in a pitched battle against a band of orcs. Although Hule himself was killed, alongside many of the men of the family, Angrod granted a parcel of land to the fort, and the survivors named themselves the House of Hule in honour of their founder.

Since that time, the House of Hule have managed a large inn and small trading outpost deep in the wilds of Dorthonion, open to merchants, travelers, adventurers, miners, loggers, and anyone else who finds themselves roaming the untamed lands. In addition, they ensure that the roads and lands about their outpost are free from bandits and other menaces to bolster their claim as the safest haven in the land of Dorthonion.

By the year 410, the fiefdom of Ladros was granted to the House of Beor, and since then tensions have waxed and waned between the two houses. Eager to spread their influence and increase their power, the descendants of Beor the Old have taken much land from the wild forests, sowing more crops and sending their herds further, and resent the Hule-folk for their unique position amongst men. The House of Hule fear any attempt by true Beorians to claim them as their own, and only grudgingly co-operate with anything proposed by the people of Ladros.

For Beta, we are looking for a number of players to take up positions within the House of Hule. If you are interested in such a role, the following information is of use to you:

The House of Hule is composed of perhaps fifty individuals, and is responsible for more or less everything in Hule's Outpost. Visitors to the Outpost fluctuate between twenty five to a hundred, and it is the Hule-folk that cook the food, brew the ale, tend the horses, keep the peace, hunt down bandits, and offer aid and comfort to travelers. Fiercely proud of their unique heritage and extremely devoted to their family, their numbers include the most stubborn and determined of all Beorians.

There are a large number of roles within the Family to play - cooks, brewers, hunters, rangers and militiamen, story-tellers and bards, and anything else that may take your fancy. There are only two ways one becomes a member of the Family - you are born in to it, or you marry in to it. If you wish to start as a member of the House of Hule, email with any preliminary character concepts you might have. The most important thing to keep in mind is to remember that your character has a family - a mother and father, brothers, sisters, half-siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces, second cousins, and more. While you won't be expected to describe them, the staff will place you somewhere in that tree.


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