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Post  Steppenwolf on Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:32 pm

Because we strive for providing you with the best, building this MUD presents a rather formidable challenge when it comes to the sheer number of objects, crafts, mobs, etc. that need to be built. Because of this (and since we don't have a submission tool yet), you, the player, will be given the opportunity to help us out greatly by submitting your own descriptions and such.

How the forum works:
-Necessary projects that require descriptions will be sticky'd so the player can see it at the top. In it, we'll have a full list of whatever objects, mobs, or crafts we need, and what we need done for them (sdesc, ldesc, full description, names, what have you). This is stuff that is guaranteed to be in-game (although your descs may be tweaked slightly, etc., to conform to the atmosphere of the game). Generally, we'll ask in the post that you direct your submissions to us in the form of PM or e-mail.
-Fun stuff will be posted in the form of normal posts by either players or builders. They can be either requests OR submissions. You randomly think of a cool item? Post it here. You can either post the full description and everything, or just post your idea and see if anyone wants to use it.

More stuff will come once we see how this forum goes.

Some restrictions may apply. See site for details
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