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Post  Kithrater on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:56 am

The Winter of 450 was one unlikely to be forgotten by the Folk of the Outpost. All manner of wild and terrible things befell both those that dwell there, and in the Greater Lands of Dorthonion. A savage and early snow fall blew all manner of travelers within the walls of the palisade, and to cause them to seek shelter in the High Halls of Hule, taxing the food supply of the Outpost. Yet, even within the felled pines little safety was to be found.

It began with an ill omen, a flock of crows descending upon the Outpost one chill night in the midst of a joyful story telling. When the crows were slain, they left behind an amulet of a dreaded dragon, roaring, an omen taken to mean that dark times would come soon. The omen was not left unfulfilled, for not two weeks passed before a savage storm struck the Outpost. Two travelers were killed in the snow, yet more danger lay within the blizzard: a savage, gigantic and intelligent wolf known as Rettlen, who grievously injured many folk in the Outpost before being driven off by the elf Farogian, protector of the Outpost.

Those injured by Rettlen did not recover from their wounds, until a hunt was led to the fabled silver pine, lit by moonlight. Those who ventured on the journey swore that a higher power led their hunt to the reagents that healed Rettlen's victims, but on their task they were ambushed by a band of orcs, led by a chief named Groga. Although driven off, it heralded the arrival of orcs within Dorthonion.

The war on the front lines, to contain Morgoth within his fortress of Angband, turned difficult. The elvish legions of Angrod and Aegnor, lords of Dorthonion, were hard pressed to stop the sudden influx of orcs. Many bands of foul creatures, although decimated and disorientated, still found their way in to Dorthonion.

Angrod laid a trap for these orcs, rooting them up from their hiding holes and luring them to attack the Outpost, having stationed two squads of elves within the palisade. A fierce battle ensued, with scores of orcs slain by the elves and a rag-tag militia of men from the Outpost, with the loss of only a few souls.

Still, the elves seemed unable to repair the breach in their lines, and orcs continued to slowly accumulate in Dorthonion, even as the snows of winter receded and the spring turned to summer. Bregolas, head of the House of Beor, directed much of his funds to rebuild the Fyrd, a militia of Dorthonion men dedicated to bringing peace to the lands. In the Outpost, many of the travelers and hunters flocked to join, roaming the lands and dispatching bands of orcs.

As the summer grows high, a semblance of peace has fallen over Dorthonion, save for the ever increasing number of orcs.


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