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Post  Kithrater on Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:15 pm

Hunters had reported patrols of elves through the lands in the morning; the quiet night in the Outpost was shattered by the arrival of two regiments of elves, dispatched from Angrod's Fortress. Led by Captain Lenomas, commander of Angrod's Skirmishers, the elves quickly seized control of the bailey, conscripting any available Hulefolk and posting them on the barricades.

Upwards to the Great Hall the elves marched, where Captain Lenomas informed the guests and Hulefolk within of his actions, and that all inside the inn would not be permitted to cross the bridge below. The bewildered guests and their urgent questions were left unanswered as the elves returned to the bailey, but Sighule Huleson persisted in questioning, and was informed to prepare for the arrival of wounded.

The men within the Inn were not content to merely await whatever fate had in store for them, and rallied up a dozen warriors to make their way down the hill, whereupon they saw what daybreak had brought them: The horizons were black with the presence of orcs, countless brutish warriors driven from the land by the sweeping patrols conducted by Angrod. The elvish patrols had acted as shepherds throughout the night, forcing the orcs in to the lands about the Outpost.

As the true dawn sun rose, the orcs sallied the palisade of the Outpost, taking horrific casualties from the elves and Hule-folk stationed upon the walls. Yet even the stout efforts of the heavy infantry and skirmishers of Angrod were not enough to quell the tide, and some ragged bands of orcs began climbing the hill, either lurking beneath the rivers or fleeing the press of battle on the palisades.

It was upon the hill that the orcs were countered. Sighule proved an inspiring leader, rallying many folk from the Inn, including his uncle Breurn and cousin Kraten to assist. Orcs learned to fear the stalwart young man named Elgadon's sword blade, and many were likewise dispatched after catching an arrow with their face from the vulpine Brethil-man Maicheneb's bow. His fellow Haladin, the wiry Kenir, lurked in waiting for many an unwary orc who attempted to escape their onslaught, cutting them down with axe as they tried to run.

The steely-eyed Beorian called Osric was noted for his bravery, fighting without armour in defense of the Hall, and likewise the thickly-bearded Clegane demonstrated much bravery by battling on in spite of injury. The broad-shouldered lad named Mutimir received many wounds too as he rescued more than one from orkish blades. Rangy, grim, Jevrak was noted for his thrown axes that ended the life of many an orc, as well as his practical nature leading him to snack in the midst of battle, and an athletic man named Dalian performed admirably spotting orcs climbing up the sides of the hill and identifying those in trouble.

These eleven men turned back three score of orcs, and by the time the rage of battle left them, could see the legions of Angrod closing the trap, eradicating the orkish horde that had blighted Dorthonion. It was some time later that the people of the Outpost would learn Angrod had sought to lure the orkish army down from the Lines of the Siege, and then force it to attack a surprisingly well defended outpost out of desperation, but at the time all the men and women of Hule's could feel was relief.

While the men fought, the frizzle-haired young woman named Iava excelled herself at treating the injured and calming the nerves of the frightened small-folk who crowded in to the tavern, and keeping the spirit of those trapped in the Hall from verging in to despair.

After the battle had ended and the slaughter began, the elvish regiments quickly set to work repairing and clearing away bodies, the Hule River choked with countless orc corpses. Captain Lenomas awarded a fine blade of Beorian make to Elgadon, and thanked the Hule Folk for their assistance in the fight. With the winter rapidly fading, and the snow passes between Anfauglith and Dorthonion clearing, the cessation of the orkish presence within the forested lands could not be guaranteed for long.


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