Reward Point roles for clans

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Reward Point roles for clans Empty Reward Point roles for clans

Post  Mich on Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:45 am

I mentioned this in the Guest Lounge earlier, and was prompted to go ahead and post on the forums.

Will low to mid level leadership roles in clans be available at chargen to those with sufficient reward points?

My own answer to that question is that I really hope that they won't be, except under special circumstances.

People who come into clans in leadership positions tend not to know what is happening and often go throwing their weight around and annoying people in general. They disrupt the running of the clan and often take away from the fun. That, and they tend to block up the position that they have taken which could otherwise be held by an experienced private (or equivalent) who knows what he/she is doing and would be far better suited to keeping people entertained.

What could be considered as special circumstances? If there is a clan with its leader and a bunch of privates, and for whatever reason the previous mid-level leadership is gone, and the privates are all rather new or else not suited to the Corporal/Sergeant position, or are unwilling, then that could count as special circumstances. The clan leader could put up a mid-level leadership role, and anyone wishing to take it would have to be approved by the clan leader as well as by the admins, and the moment the role is filled, it should be taken down again. This is to ensure that clans do not die away because their mid-level leadership has poofed because of IG stuff or RL concerns.

Hope some of the above made sense. I know there are at least a couple here who would strongly agree with me, and may be able to present a somewhat more articulate argument. Possibly those who disagree, and I'm interested to hear why.


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Reward Point roles for clans Empty Re: Reward Point roles for clans

Post  Lex on Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:43 am

I think bringing officers in on special app can be problematic as well, but after thinking about it, I've a few suggestions for how to bring a right-from-creation leader into a premade clan

1) A probation period. The new officer's authority does not come into effect until a higher officer/the leader confirms it after at least a month IC. The player is expected to familiarize themselves with the clan and other characters during this time, to be effective once they're authorized to take on that role fully.

2) Acceptance based on heavily-reviewed special application. The player needs to demonstrate their understanding of the role, and how to effectively take that role running, right from commencement without being disruptive to the current structure.

3) The player is allowed to discuss the appearance of their character with other players in the clan, learning their concerns about how the clan is run (considering the context for this character is that the other characters are in no position to be promoted), what the basic etiquette and style of tactics/interaction are, etc., so the player isn't caught trying to gather all this information while also being expected to lead in whichever aspect.

Naturally, if there is an existing character suited to the position.. PLEASE promote them rather than bringing someone new in! And of course, these ideas are open to be combined, I think the key point is understanding between the players, that lower-ranked characters are not being cut out or under appreciated OOCly. No one likes feeling they've gotten the butt-end of the favoritism stick (and favoritism will occur, we all like certain people more than others) and might as well be an NPC.

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