Role Opportunity: Hunters of Aldeon

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Role Opportunity: Hunters of Aldeon Empty Role Opportunity: Hunters of Aldeon

Post  Kithrater on Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:39 pm

Aldeon. In the tongue of the Noldo, it means an avenue of trees, a pathway through the forest, a trail for hunters to follow their prey.

In the year 451, the Hunters of Aldeon were formed by the Brethil-man Maicheneb, who brought together a rough collective of woodsmen and pathfinders, in response to the dangers of strengthened wolves, bandits, and orcs that roam the Dorthonion countryside. With an economic allegiance to the House of Hule, the Hunters of Aldeon provide much of the meat used to feed those of the Outpost, and the members are often seen dividing their time between the hearths of Hule's, the fields and forests of the Dorthonion highlands, and the Aldeon camp in the southern forests.

With a planned series of unique RPTs alongside room for character advancement and leadership, the Hunters of Aldeon provide a tremendous opportunity for new and veteran roleplayers alike. Players who are interested in having their characters join the Hunters of Aldeon should send an email to and a MudMail to Maicheneb to arrange an RP time.


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