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Builders, Coders, RPAs Wanted Empty Builders, Coders, RPAs Wanted

Post  Kithrater on Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:48 am

We are accepting applications for builders, coders, webmasters, and general-purpose admins. We expect you to be able to contribute a minimum of ten to fifteen hours a week of unpaid time to the MUD, and abide by the rules and regulations for staff.

Those parties interested in becoming builders or general purpose admins are invited to send an email to with a dozen sample descriptions, each of at least six 80 character lines in length, and a proposal for an area, idea, project or contribution you would like to make to the game. If accepted, you will be given a two-month probation period, after which you will be accepted as complete staff if you complete your duties adequately, or declined if you did not.

Coders require a working knowledge of either C or the Shadows of Isildur RPI Engine, with the latter preferred. Send an email to, outlining any experience you have had, and areas of the RPI Engine you would like to improve. Webmasters, experience with mysql, php, JavaScript and html are required, and again, please send an email to


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