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Post  Kithrater on Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:24 am

The Dorthonion Wilderness is now open to play!

At the moment, the wilderness is made up of around 1300 rooms, and a couple of dozen "sites of interest". Over the next two weeks, we'll be adding more features and things to do in the wilderness: at the moment, exploring and hunting are your two main options. All animals able to be hunted should be able to be skinned, most butchered, and all items sold at the Cookhouse for profit.

I don't doubt there are plenty of typos to be found, and errors uncovered, so we ask for your patience and kindness in ironing out these kinks.

Currently, the only hostile force you'll find in the land are lone rabid wolves, and hunger-crazed packs of winter wolves. Avoiding the forest will help with both, or traveling in groups.

The next features to be added, in a rough order, are:
+ Tents, mounts, and other necessities in the wilderness.
+ Groups of orcs which can be slain for bounty.
+ Foraging, rummaging, gathering and the related support structure to allow PCs to begin herbalism-associated events.
+ The start of the resource-trading system.
+ The completion of logging.
+ Another half-dozen animal-types to track down and hunt.
+ More sites of interest to explore.
+ Anything else which pops up.


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