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Post  Dreamer on Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:40 pm

Do you love Lost Tales of Beleriand?

Then promote us, but please do it politely and positively when talking to your friends.

Here is what I mean:

You and a friend are talking about MUDs. You want to tell them how awesome Beleriand is, but you don't like the MUD they're on. Rather than telling them how sucky and bad their MUD is, start telling them how wonderful ours is. You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Negativity not only makes you look bad, but when promoting Beleriand with negativity, it reflects back on the MUD that way. "That MUD has bitter and mean players who have no respect for the mud that I enjoy. I don't want to go there." Even if it is someone that you believe is a friend, you can still turn a person off with that sort of attitude.

From the time of this post, there will be no more MUD bashing in the guest lounge. Not any MUD. If you have a problem with another MUD, that is your problem, and you handle it in your own way. You may never know when you are insulting another MUD if a player of that MUD is there, or even an administrator.

We cannot dictate what happens within your own IMs, but take a moment to reflect on your attitude when you are speaking to others about Beleriand, and consider if what you are saying will put us in a bad light by being connected to you.

Promote Beleriand positively, not negatively. Talk about the good things about ours, not the things that are bad about theirs according to your opinion. Every MUD has good and bad points, just like every person does. Focus on the good points of Beleriand, avoid bashing other MUDs, and you might find that we will have a more positive atmosphere on our own MUD, and people will be more willing to have an open mind to trying us out.

As I am sure you've heard, everyone comes to Beleriand with a clean slate. If you've been a problem elsewhere, we are going to pretend it never happened and give you a chance here. You should try the same with your old complaints - you are here now. What happened there in the past, and shouldn't be dragged here with you.

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