Tuesdays are Work Days

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Tuesdays are Work Days Empty Tuesdays are Work Days

Post  Kithrater on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:17 pm

From now until a time that I feel the MUD is suitably ready to handle players, the game will be closed to player-characters on Tuesdays. This is to allow the staff a day of peaceful building, coding, scripting and documentation without needing to worry what's going on in the game port. After all, the game is still under development and it's more important at this point to keep that development ball rolling rather than get bogged down in helping ensure the game world runs smoothly.

You're still able to log on as a guest and play in the Arena battles, submit applications, and do anything that doesn't involve logging in to your character.

This is operating on a trial period, and may be scraped when not needed, or another day may be added if needed.


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