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Post  Kithrater on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:14 pm

Please make petitions specific so we may answer them whether you are online or if you are offline by email, and please only send once. If an admin is upstairs idle, or if an admin is not online, the petitions go into a queue that we see when we log on. I know I check petitions first thing when I get on, I'm not sure about the practices of the other admins, but I can assure you that they ARE checked often. Since there are so few of us, there are a lot of times when we aren't here, and logging in to see twenty of the exact same petition is a bit frustrating on my part, personally. We promise, promise, promise we are not going to ignore you.

As for the specific, I mean the following:

Type "Is Kithrater around? I was asked to speak to him about obtaining an uber-awesome sword for my character, and needed to see what I had to do to make it work." instead of "Is Kithrater around?"

The first... Kithrater can answer even if you aren't online at the time by email. The second, we usually just erase, because we don't know why we're needed.

Accusations of Twinking, OOC Use, etc.

Please make sure that, if you have a complaint or accusation about a player, it is handled privately by PM or by emailing If you have a complaint or accusation about an administrator, contact Kithrater by email or PM.


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Rules for Petitions Empty Re: Rules for Petitions

Post  Dreamer on Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:18 pm

I'm going to bump this topic for a few reasons.

We're getting a lot of "Is so-and-so up there right now?" petitions... and they're not very helpful to us. I'll tell you why.

1. We don't know what you need. You just asking if someone is there is only prolonging you getting your answer. When you petition, if no one is online, we're left with a log of petitions. If you tell us what you need, when we get on, we can answer it to you in an email.

2. So-and-so might not be the only person that can help you. When you keep asking for a specific person, and ten other people are asking for that specific person, we have two situations.
a) We have admins that are available and willing to help you, but can't, because you won't tell us what you need.
b) You wear out that one admin that everyone keeps asking for. If everyone is asking for that admin, not to mention that admin's other duties, they may just wear down. That's why there are more of us - so we can spread out the work between us.

3. We don't know if your situation is urgent. If we don't know it's urgent, we may forget to contact you back. If you leave us specifically what you need, we can address it immediately - either by answering your question by email, or by handling something codely/investigating in game. This way, no one gets forgotten.

Yes, we know we could just ignore these petitions - but we don't want to ignore ANY of you. Please help us by being more specific in your petitions. Tell us what you need. If you tell us what you need, we can handle whatever it is faster, more efficiently, and with less frustration on both sides of the coin.

There is, also, always the option of PMing or MudMailing us.

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