Dueling in Dorthonion

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Dueling in Dorthonion

Post  Falconer on Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:03 pm

The Edain have several schemas of dueling, and there are some differences offered between the various Houses.

1. Maeth-en-Beor (Beorian Duel)

Considered a primary sport among the Folk of Beor, the Maeth-en-Beor is a rather simple dueling style that is typically held in feasthalls or yards in a circular ring of packed dirt. Simple tourneys involve single participants, though more complex tourneys are held where straws of varying length - though always paired with another of parallel length - are drawn. Those who hold matching straws duel each other, with the shortest straws going first and the lengthiest going last. Each fight lasts until one fighter scores six hits against another. The only 'bracket' is for the winner, and it is custom that all who do not advance buy ale for those who best them. It is considered a sign of cowardice to yield before the victor has scored six.

2. Maeth-en-Marach

An adaptation of the Maeth-en-Beor, the Maeth-en-Marach is similar in style, yet extends the six hit victor cap to eleven hits, but decries no foul in yielding prior to the end of the match. The loser of a match submits to penance known as lefitellein (translated: the licking of the foot) whereby the loser kisses the right foot of the victor. While the Maeth-en-Marach may occur nearly anywhere, including typical fighting rings, it is traditionally performed upon a lofted platform, lookout, or tower. It is never performed outside.

3. Maeth-en-Haleth

Unlike the Maeth-en-Beor and the Maeth-en-Marach, the Maeth-en-Haleth does not involve typical melee, but rather weapons of range. Typically staged within the forested glades of Brethil, the participants, which may number from two to six (divided into two teams of three) select a common locale and then advance for a count of five hundred in either direction. Staying hidden among the trees, or high grasses, the first to score a single hit - be it by javelin, spear, arrow, or blade - is pronounced the victor. The loser provides food to the victor for the remainder of the week, and it is wrapped or seasoned with grasses or foliage from the immediate area where the loser was struck.

4. Noro-i-Gorgoroth

Not a typical duel, this Beor custom typically occurs once every two years and is usually called by the head of a House. A starting place is set, marked with a large and sanded pole which is slicked with oil and set alight. All participants leave from the pole and run, with whatever speed they can, to the base of the Ered Gorgoroth, whereupon they seize a pebble from the ground. The first to return to the pole is proclaimed the victor, whereupon the pole is extinguished and festivities are held until each and every runner has returned, and for the following day.

5. Maeth-en-Agar (Blood Duel)

The Maeth-en-Agar is far more elevated in pathos and severity than the previous competitions, and is rare. The terms are set by the participants, or by a neutral party to which the participants agree. Practice weapons are used at times, and at others the weapons are of iron. The only rule that stays steadfast in the Maeth-en-agar is simple: it does not end until the loser is unconscious or dead. As such, it is employed rarely - at the furthest insult to honor. In recent years, the Noldo have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the Maeth-en-Agar, causing nearly all events to be thrust into private or remote areas.


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